Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Demise of The Clutch?

After a long break I am back blogging. The break was fully justified: I was busy selling my jewellery and handbags to bewildered Christmas shoppers. I almost sold out and was horrified to discover that women are becoming either too sensible or losing the plot! They prefer a bag with handles to a clutch!!! Have they all gone blind and oblivious to the sex appeal of the timeless clutch?

I have always had clutches in my closet, fashion trends or not. When I was a student, I reclaimed one of my mother’s forgotten handbags, took the strap off it and turned it into a slinky small clutch. And guess what? I went to lectures with it! It barely fit two fat notebooks and a pen in it but I was happy. The seams burst under the weight of knowledge but by then I had found an oversized red patent leather heart-stopping clutch.

In my new collection of recycled handbags I have a number of oversized clutches and adorable small vintage ones, which I embellish with recycled textiles. They sell but slower and with an extra push. Younger girls seem to be more attracted to them and some fashion savvy gals, like Alice of Quirky Fashion. But many others are worried they’d lose a clutch in a pub crawl and say they need their hands free for a pint and a ciggie. But wouldn’t you rather hold a sexy clutch in your hand than a pint, girls?!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Zana gives you wiiiiings!

When I saw them I nearly cried with envy! I wish I had designed them! Leather Wing Boot Straps by Zana Bayne are certainly innovative. They enhance the shoes that you already own - changing the silhouette and adding removable detail. Zana reckons they can be strapped on any type of shoes and boots.

The leather wings have some Prada vibe about them but they are, undoubtedly, more practical, sexy, with a touch of craziness but wearable. The price bites, though: $85 for a pair. On the other hand, they can help you to re-vamp your entire shoe collection.

They only come in black, given Zana's austere colour palette. Let’s hope that, maybe, one day she will see the world in colours and make her shoe wings in red or purple. Or pink, anyone?!

Keep an eye on Zana’s blog for fresh designs.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Be Warm and Huggable

So soft, cheerful and bright, they'll make you very huggable and warm. And a little bit happier, I think. I just love Made in Mongolia accessories: scarfs with flower motifs, colourful hats, comfy slippers.

The happy range of felt accessories is made by a small charity that enables women from impoverished Mongolian households to become self-sufficient by using their traditional skills in new ways. All fashion accessories are sewn by hand by 50 local women.

Made in Mongolia accessories are sold in Avoca and Kilkenny Design stores and good craft shops throughout the country (for stockists go to Made in Mongolia) at reasonable enough prices: €36.95 for slippers and €39.95 for scarves. It also sells in Japan, the US, Italy and France.

I am in love with the red hat!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lovingly Painted

While trawling through I came across ScholarlyArticles, a shop featuring one-of-a-kind hand-painted vintage shoes and bags with an environmental conscience. Sounds like my type of accessories!

They are lovingly painted by a PhD student from Long Beach, California. What a great idea for updating your old scratched shoes and tired bags!

Friday, December 4, 2009


Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress, said Coco Chanel once. To celebrate this wisdom my small eco-friendly label FABULA launches a collection of accessories to jazz up your winter outfits.

For this line I make affordable cuffs, ruffs and hand warmers from recycled textiles, fabric ends and vintage trimmings. I trawls through thrift shops and flea markets in search of colourful shirts and sweaters, which I then turn into one-of-a-kind pieces. I especially like working with men’s shirts as their masculine stripes look fantastic with feminine lace and opulent vintage ribbons. And they are bigger, which means I have more fabric to work with!!!

My FABULA range of accessories is built on creativity that doesn’t harm the environment. I find ways to repurpose and re-use as many materials as possible. Handmade lacy doilies are combined with silk chiffon and recycled cotton and, viola, a magnificent Elizabethan style (with a nod to Chanel!) set of cuffs and a ruff is born.

Prices for my cuffs, ruffs and hand warmers range between 25 and 55 euro.