Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Ultimate Recycling

Forget about jewellery made from plastic bottles, bags from car tyres and purses from beer cans. Talk about the ultimate recycling: beautiful houses built with all the above trash!

I have just watched a fantastic documentary called 'Garbage Warrior' about Michael Reynolds, an eco-architect who can free people from landfills, utility bills and mortgage payment. Far from a hippy or utopist, Reynolds is a down-to-earth passionate hard-working man who provides a practical solution for easing the burden that we humans put on the environment. I am not into the idea of happy community living but I would certainly love to live in one of the houses built by Reynolds!

Watch the documentary here


  1. It's a great dvd and I just love the concept and reality of these sort of dwellings! 4 years ago I actually stayed in one of the earth ships near Taos, New Mexico, an amazing time especially as I come from wet and windy Ireland!!!